A smart night light, timer, and mobile app to track your kid's reading habits.

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The Power of Reading

Kids who read 20 minutes a day take in 1.8 million more words each year and perform better academically.

10 Minutes per day 622,000 more words
5 Minutes per day 282,000 more words

Brighten up reading time with this tool that's like a Fitbit for reading.

Hourglass motivates your child to read more by making reading fun and easy to track. It combines an age-old tool with a modern user experience while minimizing distractions from electronic devices and paper reading logs. And it also acts as a night light for your child's bedroom.

Three Hourglasses shown together with pink, yellow, and orange night lights respectively.

Flip the Timer

Turn the cordless Hourglass over to begin a reading session. Move it from bedroom, to living room, to anywhere your child reads and return to the charging station as needed.

Four Hourglasses showing the progression of the timer light moving down the device.

Make the Light Brighter

The soft LED light trickles from top to bottom and changes colors as your child reads. When your child is not reading, set it to dim to serve as a night light.

Hourglass with a screenshot of the Beanstack app indicating the Hourglass can be synced to the app through Bluetooth.

Sync with the Mobile App

Hourglass connects via bluetooth to your phone. Add your child’s reading session data to the Beanstack app to track reading and earn virtual badges.

Pairs with Mobile App for Easy Tracking

Using Hourglass with the Beanstack mobile app can give you more insight into your child’s reading. View detailed stats about reading sessions, including badges earned, books completed, total time spent reading, and more. You can even switch between multiple family members’ accounts with a quick tap.

Screenshot of Beanstack app showing reading statistics by week

Family-Friendly Design & Features

Screenshots of the Beanstack app tracking the time read (currently 15 minutes and 12 seconds) for Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings' I Am Jazz.
Set reading timers and goals
Screenshot of the Beanstack app showing reading statistics for the week.
Track reading sessions with Hourglass or the Beanstack app
A rendering of two smartphones, one with a sun representing Hourglass' full-light mode, the other with a moon representing its nightlight mode.
Set light to bright for reading or dim for night light
A collage of badges for the 2018 Winter Reading Challenge.
Participate in local and national reading challenges
Partial screenshot from the Beanstack app showing an earned badge. Images of badges from other challenges accompany the screenshot.
Receive digital badges for achievement

Access Reading Challenges to Stay Motivated

Time-bound and themed reading challenges are fun for kids and motivate them to read 20% more on average. Hourglass gives families free access to local, national, and school-based reading challenges through the Beanstack app. These challenges may reward individual kids with prizes or give them a way to contribute to a good cause.

Back to School Challenge
Starts: Ends:
An apple atop a stack of four books in a classroom.
Sponsored by Junior Library Guild
Mark Cuban's Winter Reading Challenge
Starts: Ends:
A person bundled up in a sweater, all cozy at home, reading a book with a cup of coffee in hand.
Sponsored by Mark Cuban
Read Across America Challenge
Starts: Ends:
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, representing the west coast.
Sponsor to be announced
Summer Reading Challenge
Starts: Ends:
A woman, almost enclosed by the foliage around her, reading alone on a park bench.
Sponsored by School Library Journal